Monday, August 25, 2008

How to be a man

I haven't posted anything yet so I thought I'd make the first one count. Here goes:

"The way i do it is i make an cut in the skin near the bottom of one of its knees(between the bone and tendon works best) and peel the fur off the whole body. cut the legs off below the knee, and twist or cut off the head. now it should look a little like the ones you see in the store. Cut the body cavity with the tip of your knife. be careful to not to slice open the intestines. start the cut by the anus and wory up to the neck if you can. the rib cage should be easy to split through. most of the organs will fall right out, some will have to be cut out. once again, be careful of the intestines. if they spill on the meat, it will affect the taste. the spot were you may have trouble will be at the hips you may hahave to split them in order to get the large intestine out."


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