Wednesday, August 27, 2008

seeing is believing

yes yes, its not a mirage, its not a hallucination, its a whole new look for the articles. its still under construction though, particularly the archive part (can someone help me code this? i think its php).

heres a rundown of whats coming and whats new:

- an up to the minute archive of all the music weve ever uploaded
- short teaser features that will link to the real deal
- CSS element layouts (all the tabbed shit)
- Flash elements to look extra super coolz
- our page title actually gets us more hits off google
- our band page is going to be dope as shit and will highlight ALL articles releases EVER (a visual discography)



brainwashed said...

ahhhh now this is fresh...too fresh!

heated mammal said...

Shit looks tighter than girl pants on your average-weight Mississipi male ie. doubleplus unthin (in 1984 style newspeak). I can't wait to hear some more of that churchy psych-blues I was lucky enough to lay ear to when I last came through. Eric + ~3.2 weeks = in Atlanta (eating chicken wings), chillin.

Dr. D said...

man, everything looks dope. great work spee, you're such a 733T HAXOR!