Sunday, September 14, 2008


Harvey Milk 'Life...The Best Game in Town' 2008, Hydra Head Recordings

Harvey Milk is one of the greatest bands who play rock and roll music. They've got a style that is like over 15 years deep, plus they're from this state (GA), and they rule for that! Because they've put out super bad ass albums and never sorry ones, and then stopped for a while, they are even more golden and shit. that is, if you enjoy getting your ass blowed off when you listen to their records (of course you do). For people who aren't in Georgia and have not heard the name Harvey Milk thrown around for a long time as a band who ruled, they are as legends to the genre of total sludge rhythmic poetic heaviness. Sort of like the Melvins but also way way different. They put out several records during the 90's, all of which are mind wrecking and so good no matter how many times you hear them. 'My Love is Higher Than What Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be,' 'Courtesy and Goodwill Towards Men,' 'The Pleaser,'they've pretty much all been reissued on vinyl(Chunklet and Relapse and other labels got those) and were somewhat obscure in the first place. But anyways they split in the late nineties, people didn't forget they were really dope though, and then they returned from hiatus and put out Special Wishes in 2006. They put out a 7" right before Special Wishes dropped and it fucking ruled and everybody who loves them got really pumped. They got lots of props for Special Wishes and everybody caught the buzz on them again, and Joe Preston (Thrones, former Melvins) joined up with them so then everyone was like whoa! Seriously this band is punishing to your stereo in an honest and beautiful way that is rarely achieved, in my opinion, on most records that bands make. They're bonecrunching and Leonard Cohen-like (they cover his songs sometimes), but have some weird Guns N Roses touches with ripping guitar work. The rhythm and melodies that they make are so thick that they're kind of anthem like, not in a goofy way at all but one where you think about spending more time alone (at least for me). 'Life the Best Game in Town' is their second LP since reforming, and since Special Wishes ruled and their tour stomped ass ,it had people expecting some real wicked shit for the new one. And of course it smashes shit, its so ill ! The production is huge and very solid, lots of warm and good bass, but still clear and so full. Creston Spiers, their singer/guitarist is for real a songwriter, his gruff and wonderful vocals layer over the sludged out and impossible to tap on a table to rhythms, really well. After a couple of listens, this record is one of those that you will put on lists for friends for shit they ought to know that you are with these days! And for that reason I have, and will continue to, take advantage of this record review thing and hype these joints up because after all, this stuff makes reality better to experience, and whatnot. I'll bet that they'll release another LP and then split up again, but thats ok, because they have it down. One of my favorite bands of all time. Oh yes and word is that the vinyl is not yet out, it will be soon though probably, and I bet it will be nice because Hydra Head usually has quality vinyl. Ungh. Enjoy, my loved ones ! Now is the time to enjoy the wonderful things that we are all a part of (no racist). <3

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