Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Posts and second wind Olympic Fixes

Hey, just got home from the swamp ape show which was solid. Thank you, I do believe it was the best I have seen yet.

Now on to more organized and further away things like The 2008 Beijing Paralympics.

I wanted to specifically bring up the futball matches - there are two 5-a-side and 7 a-side. 5-a-side
(pictured left thanks to the official site and getty images)is apparently played with 4 blind players and one sighted or visually impaired goal keeper on each team. I still have no idea why they wear the masks but I suppose to insure blindness. That way there is no "stevie wonderesqe" guessing later on.

Next is 7-a-side, which is played by players with several different classes of physical handicaps. It consists of 4 different classes of handicaps and must include a combination of players so that each team is balanced with people with mild equilibrium problems to players that have difficulty walking and running but can stand and kick alright. Finals will be held with the 5 a-side the 17th and 7 a-side the 16th so mark your calenders.

Also, keep on your radar for Goalball - "Goalball is a game played by two teams of three players with a maximum of three substitutes on each team. The game is conducted on the floor of a gymnasium within a rectangular court, which is divided into two halves by a centre line. Goals are erected at either end. The game is to be played with a bell ball.(thats right a ball with a bell in it) The object of the game is for each team to roll the ball across the opponent's goal line while the other team attempts to prevent this from happening.
(official site rules)" (pictured right thanks to the official site and getty images)

Also the paralympics included sports are: Archery, Cycling (pictured left is Laurent Thirionet of France wins gold in the Men's Individual Time Trial LC3. (Photo credit: Xinhua) which he did with one leg), Powerlifting, Shooting, Volleyball Sitting, Wheelchair Rugby, Athletics, Rowing, Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Tennis, Boccia, Judo, Sailing, Table Tennis, and Wheelchair Fencing.

The web has some killer images so make sure to google it. I think so far its making the regular olympics look easy, which is no small feat.

Also, as of Wednesday
Holy Mountain nite - I'm including a first post treat.

Click here for the soundtrack (apologies on not properly being titled and tagged - we have it at the house if you need it) Happy Listening.

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