Sunday, September 21, 2008


Running For Cover 'Dark Well' 2008, 625 Thrashcore

My friend who lives in France showed me this. So this is some real wild shit right here, something that we can call 'powerviolence.' If you aren't wise to that sort of thing, than i would like to take the time to state that it is something worth knowing about. Now as a style or whatever, the label gets thrown around pretty frequently, mentioned for some bands when they play some harsh or fast as fuck blasts of hardcore, thrash, you know. But the fact of the matter is that few bands are truly 'powerviolence,' and my intent isn't to get into who is , or who isn't, but you should know that its a legitimate issue because theres been sort of a powerviolence rennaissance happening as of late, after being a cult thing for the past 10 years or so. Theres lots of stuff around that you can read about this debate, punks argue about this subject often because many west coast thrashers (who pretty much made up the style in the mid nineties) are really sensitive about it. Or something like that (I try and give you guys my best understanding of these complex issues). Running For Cover most certainly is some powerviolence and that shouldn't be confusing to anybody! They aren't west coast, they're from Buffalo, NY, and they broke up in late 2005 after releasing a demo, the Human Ruins 7", and then this LP. Never a dull moment, 20 songs in less than 20 minutes, and they are all fucking ripping. Sounds sort of like Crossed Out, if you've heard that. The record is to be listened to when you are ready to shred some shit. I am almost always ready for that. One way you can definitely tell that this is some powerviolence (I don't mean to ramble about this but like its important) is because its on 625 Thrashcore, a label thats been one of the, if not the, main labels releasing these records for over 10 years. Powerviolence records go out of print quickly and are sought after by those who desire obscure records, so its just like that. But this record right here is a straight up blaster of things, it even has this strange song at the end that rules and is more or less instrumental (you can do whatever you like when it is known that you are a for real powerviolence band). I really am feeling how crisp dude's bell is on his cymbal, when be blasts it sounds like something is getting fucked up really bad. The production is sharp, vocals and riffs sort of remind me of Man Is The Bastard(other reviews say that too), I mean this whole record slays and plus it looks harsh, which is another rule or whatever for powerviolence aesthetics. Smash your face!

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bite itself said...

it's true, it's all true. this record rips. as my close friend and former roommate august said a few days before i split for europe, "if you don't like this record, then you do not like hardcore, that's it." definite MITB-influenced bass noodling happening. a real rager. if you check this out and dig it, it is important to follow up on these other groups : iron lung (if you don't know, then, you just don't know), hatred surge (one man unit from texas, upcoming collab 7" with iron lung destroys), the endless blockade (canada, upcoming collab with bastard noise), lords of light (the best band you've never heard).