Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Corpus Clock

This old British inventor guy at Cambridge has created some crazy new clock technology. Today, September 19, 2008, is the unveiling of the Corpus Clock and the Chronophage, otherwise known as the time-eater or the devourer-of-hours. Stephen Hawking will be at Cambridge College to unveil the thing. It does not use hands or digital numbers, but LED lights. Plus it has a scary grasshopper thing eating up all the minutes. Check out this video, it's cool.


màki said...

i just bought the wristwatch version of this on ebay

the xarlacc said...

man mackie why you always gotta be the first to get the ill shit

heated mammal said...

From the wankers who brought you Big Ben, a new apocalypse-themed, reductionist way to make sure that we live according to the synthetic order. I'm just hating: I didn't even watch the video. But seriously, and this is just my humble opinion: Fuck clocks and their technology. I'm going to pierce my wrist and tatoo some markings around it and use that shit as a sundial. A meteor will hit Big Ben in 2012, and I'll be eating deer thigh cooked on a campfire. I'll see you guys in ten days "bee tea double-U"