Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Adult Swim Tour Part 1 Vol 1

So... besides the fact that i spent over an hour in a meeting today debating the logistics of 'how surly the giant bunny costume guy should be' in the heavy petting zoo, this tour is going to be the shit. im really stoked about showing you guys whats up and posting a ton of flics of the tour.

Milwaukee is colder than a witches tit! It was sort of like getting thrown into the dead of winter instantly, but apparently its not normally like this in early october. Let me give you guys the highlights since im about to go to the 'museum of beers' with ed.

- our van rules. its a 12 passenger van for 6 people. DOPE
- that flic above is of the 53 foot semi that is following us DOPE
- they have every linenkeugels on tap here. DOPE
- i sorted out 10,000 shirts and put them on pallets today NOT DOPE
- because i worked so hard i got the day off tomorrow. DOOOOPE
- spending the weekend in Chicago (any suggestions on where to go?)
- i get email on my phone so hit me up cause i miss you guys!
- spending three days in boston DOPE
- i just saw this dude hit a GRAND fucking SLAM on the TV. its the playoffs you know... DOPE!



EDIT:photo fixed

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