Thursday, October 2, 2008

Adult Swim Tour cont'd

So i just finished watching the vice presidential debate. Now, without taking a partisan side i can offer these two criticisms. Joe biden: am i the only one that thinks he might have had a facelift? sarah palin: um... really? how many times can you and your running mate quote ronald raegan? if i hear his name or the words 'change' (both sides are guilty of this) and 'maverick' one more time i might barf.

Anyhow, more about the tour. today i had the day off. and when i say 'had the day off' i mean i had the day off until about 2 then i had to go sit around a warehouse until 8pm WI time.

Before that though i had the chance to explore the local flavor. which, i must say, is quite the bland taste.

apparently people in WI sleep together in a sleeping bag. wtf?

the sky here is beautiful. cold skies are the best.

they decided they were going to 'tag up' the lockers by the xbox360 booth and apparently 'madlib' was there. well i didnt see him but thats just too bad right? hahaha. how ridiculous

this photo pretty much explains itself

apparently this is the local footwear. again.... wtf?

haha this was just awesome to see in wisconsin

this is where i ate last night. i ate a scotch egg there (look it up). oh yea btw those are beer cans. thats all the beers they have ever served. it goes all the way down the wall. its insane. also they have every tap on the wall they have ever had in a case its so dope. oh yea and a scotch egg is a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried. mindblowing. wish i had a pic but use your imagination.

erin made this. god damn one of the worst parts about being away from home is missing your pets. what a site to see. love that lil girl.

i gotta go, im drunk.

love you

s. ape esquire

EDIT:photos fixed


Dr. D said...

yo dude, I can't see any of them flicks, they won't load. But I bet you aren't even on tour, probably tuggin meat on the couch right now, thinking about yours truly.

mcmooatl said...

yeah was stoked to see the pics, rad post glad your having fun. more posting and pictures!!!!!