Saturday, October 4, 2008

AS tour: Chicago

Damn, thats an ill picture of me, right? So we took a stop off in chicago for the weekend even though we dont have a date here. its cool with me because ive never been to this place. were about to try and fenagle our way over to the train line and get down into the city proper in about 40 minutes. totally stoked.

on the agenda for today:

- hit up this place that yells at you for getting hot dogs.
- art institute museum
- science of industry museum
- pizza
- did i mention hot dogs?

fuck all i can think about when im going to all these cities is how much i get to eat. mmmm

oh yea and i fixed all the links to my photos earlier. they were from my phone and sprint totally p'wnd me cause we exceeded the bandwith for the linked photos.

anyway, im gonna take my camera with me so no more of this grainy phone shit now that im in a city that actually warrants photographs. damn im so stoked to be out of milwaukee. shit was insane. spent all day yesterday loading a 53 foot trailer and now my belly buttons inside out and i think i might have a goatse (richard). is that bad?

oh yea annnnnd... im getting to see sunn play only shit from the grimrobe demos on their anniversary tour (only greg anderson and stephen o'malley) while im in philly. HELL YESSSS.

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