Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hatred Surge 7" EP. 2005,625 Thrash

Where as some of you may find this review predictable (coming from me), others should realize that if you had this 7" then you would be that much closer to seeing the real meaning of it all. I'd say this is pretty much the most on point burst of one man's rage that ever got captured on a recording. Hatred Surge (named after the Napalm Death demo) is this one dude Alex Hughes in Houston, TX- he plays all the shit and does vocals and all that shit is a straight up vice grip on your head. To me, in 2008, a time that mad bands release tons of stuff that is forgettable, this is not like those records at all. This guy is unmatched in the sheer vision and execution of this terrible, terribly excellent style of hardcore known as TRUE POWERVIOLENCE (as discussed in previous reviews), once again I am at a loss for words when it comes to figuring out how one person rips it solo like that. There are nine tracks on this 7" and I often just listen to it twice because the motherfucker so short that I can't get enough of it on just the like 2 minutes or whatever the whole record is. Awesome. This is his debut, recorded in 2005, it even has a Despise You cover on it (Despise You are a latino powerviolence band from 94-97 or so who destroy). I for real would save this record in a house fire. So after I blasted this 7" like elevendy hundred times (thanks again to my brother sheath for mailing it to me), then I got the Hatred Surge/Endless Blockade split 12", and the Insect Warfare/Hatred Surge split 7"; without a doubt this band is one of my all time favorites. For me as a drummer I cannot sit still whatsoever when I play this record, when I listen to it I get very very fucking excited to say the least. Guitar and bass so thick and his cymbals layer the whole mess in a way that is just too ill to talk about, for real! And to make it even tighter, Alex Hughes is down with the Iron Lung guys, and when he has toured they are his back up band or whatever you want to call it. Unless you are an imbecile, or you have been living under a nutsack for the past few years then you would know that Iron Lung is the shit. When they toured last winter, Alex was their help/merch dude and when I realized that was him at the show in Athens, we chilled out for a while and he is a cool dude. Plus it was ill because I already respected his music a whole lot and told him that, and then he was like, oh damn, I didn't know people in Georgia knew about my music. So that was rad, you know. Anyways 7" on 625 Thrash, my friends it is probably out of print but you can mail me and I will tape if for you, or we can listen to it (and that goes for all records reviewed here!). Free Troy Davis and Gucci Mane! David, Spee, miss you fellas! Bump kinfolk!

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