Sunday, October 5, 2008

the worst night ever

my friends, i come to you tonight a broken and tattered man. it is 5am chicago time and i should have been home at LEAST 3.5 hours ago. in fact i just got finished washing off my hands and whole body because they were covered in blood and grime.

let me start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. so dorothy and i got the weekend off to explore chicago. unfortunately our hotel is quite a ways out from o'hare international, even though we were led to believe it was much closer. so, no big deal, we took the metra in, hung out, ate some pizza (pics and details about this later), and decided that since it was so far away we might as well make a whole day out of it. so we walked from the lakeside all the way to wicker park. about 3 miles.

supposedly this was the cool part of town but we just got lost for about 3 hours while people told us what was 'cool' and gave us vague directions to vaguely described places. we ended up nowhere near wicker park (even though we thought we were in it) after passing many wig shops and were served the LEAST alcoholic drinks my tastebuds ever laid there little receptors on because the dude thought our ID's were fake and then proceeded to go buy some 9 dollar camels cause i didnt bring enough cigs down to the city.

we wandered around for quite a while longer until the friendly starbucks man told us about the rainbo club. we ended up there (mad early) and just sat around drinking for a couple hours. finally the place was poppin and we were having a good time. even met a dude that knew zach (does he even read this?). shit was tight. so we get offered to go to a party but it ends up not happening anyway and we try to make our way back home. oh yea and on our way out of the club (where everyone is fucking SCREAMING in the street because i guess thats what you do in chicago when youve had too much to drink, just run around fucking screaming) dorothy gets offered this huge chalice of whiskey by some (screaming) frat boys and (screaming) sorority gals in a stretched hummer, which i only pretend to take a sip of just so they will shut the fuck up.

being the street smart dude i am (not so street smart, i guess, as you will read later) i get my brand new knife ready in my pocket, ready to slice anyone that wants to fuck with us on our late night journey home. we get on some trains, they arent right, go one way, go the other, and finally end up riding the blue line back to o'hare. problem is, the blue line is closed halfway along the way and we have to get OFF the train, back to a bus, travel the length of track we would ride on the blue line that was under repair, and then sit at the next available station that could actually take us to o'hare for a fucking HOUR before the train actually comes.

So while were on the platform i decide to put my knife back in my watch pocket and somehow it comes open and slices the end of my thumb completely open. Such a nice, new, sharp blade that has never cut anything before just cuts right into quite deeply before you even know its cutting. i mean the shit could have warranted stitches but since we waited so fucking long for this train im not about to leave the platform.

so here i am, bleeding all over the platform for the train while dorothy is tying her scarf around my thumb as a tourniquet. the reddest red blood drips all about as i ride the train to o'hare with my hands above my head to slow the bleeding. finally we got there and when we did actually find a cab to take us back he said it was going to be 60bucks for a 9 mile cab ride. bullshit. it didnt end up being that much at all but he was trippin. oh yea and when i got back to the hotel covered in blood the woman at the front desk wouldnt even tell me what my room number was cause i forgot it in the fray.

INSANE! oh what a feeling away from home can be. goddamned fucking HOMESICKKKKK today! or should i say, yesterday...

more actual chicago flix tomorrow. if i dont have gangrene im going back.


mcmooatl said...

you are missed..hope your thumb is a extra dog for me.


the xarlacc said...

what up youngbleed, should have brought the glock instead like i suggested

andepie said...

feel better dudes!

kegbenk said...

ouch son! maybe you should carry around a spoon in your pocket instead of a knive. just as deadly really.