Sunday, October 19, 2008


D-Styles 'Phantazmagoria' 2002, Dirt Style/Red Rocket

This is pretty much the best turntablist record ever. Every single song on it has been scratched by the man D-Styles. He is like, the turntable master nemesis. Where others try and get technical with fancy scratching tricks and whatnot, D-Styles throws in the creepiest, dirtiest samples of huge basslines and girls' screams from murder movies- shit is too tight. It wrecks things. So tight that no record of this kind has happened before, or since Phantazmagoria came out, its the first one like it. I have for real worn this record down to nothing,it is seriously a symphony, of a million zillion records, all coming together to smash the stereo. D-Styles made his name in Cali by putting out lots of scratch battle records in the 90s and is pretty much a pioneer of the shit. And he was down with the legendary Invisible Scratch Picklels crew, along with DJ Q-Bert, who came to be the Mike Jordan of the turntablist game. But D-Styles has all those skills and uses them to make ass destroying beats. Gritty, dark ones, that once again, are all scratched in manually to produce like, the illest pause-button mixtape style dj record of all time. Unbelievable how ill this is. D-Styles is the man for this record, it changed shit ! The dude really has the band of one thousand sounds, mixing records like that. Not goofy Girl Talk shit, but weird and thumping basement beats that have samples of serial killers in it. So ill that I have searched for more records like this but have never found one that even came close! D-Styles!

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