Monday, October 13, 2008

AS tour - BOSTON!

So weve been in boston for 2 days now and its pretty ill. Must say that besides the complete bullshit of dealing with over emotional 30 year old (8 years in maturity) control freaks this trip has been pretty bad ass. Either way, i guess if i DID get left in boston it would be a pretty cool place to hang! (until winter came around)

So, our first day in the city was pretty cool. the night we got here the redsox hit 3 homeruns in one inning and the bar across the street from our hotel was going apeshit. We decided to go downtown the next day since our hotel is walking distance from sullivan square station (coincidentally the station where the first adult swim LED 'bomb' was discovered which in turn shut down the whole city for a day). I accidentally mentioned that we were on the road with them to some dude that ran the bar by the station and he didnt look on me too kindly since he made no money that day.

The first thing we saw when we got off the train was a colonial dude. apparently everyone dresses like this down here. ok thats a lie but it was pretty funny that he was the first bostonian we actually saw.

Boston is on the water (duh) but its pretty tight for a landlocked atlantan to experience cities by the water. i really enjoy that shit, it gives the sprawl a finite end.

Dave, i took this one for you. check out how fresh that 240 is. daymmmmnnnn.

We went to boston common. its tight and its a really huge park full of trees and stuff. EXCITING!

If you look closely here you can see dorothy being chased by a ghost. oooohhhh scarryyy!!!

I started gettin all artsy and took some pictures of my feet. yep... that grass is green.

Me being artsy again, promise im not a 12 year old girl! LolZ!

This is where rich people go to church. They go here so they can exit the church and immediately walk into the chanel, burberry, and betsy johnson botiques

Boston is weird cause they smash little buildings inbetween these giant ones... or maybe its the other way around...

We went over to fenway since we were in the baseball spirit

and this is where we ate. pretty dope

the view tonight at sullivan square station

our indian 'snack' at harvard

the funny part about this photo is that dorothy wasnt that hungry and only wanted a snack. she ended up with this dosa that looks like a fucking baguette

This is an event hall/church at harvard. we snuck in and grabbed some photos (prohibited to outsiders cause this is probably where they do their mason blood rituals)

The inside has inscriptions of every harvard student that died in the civil war. pretty dope

harvard. the dean hit me up and asked me to do a guest lecture, but i gracefully declined. BITCH!

more harvard

more harvard. seriously, the dean wouldnt leave me alone. hes so needy!

when paul revere died they cast him in carbonite like han solo. poor guy. fuck jabba.

spent most of the time today in 'little italy'. aka the north end of boston. SUPER old part of town where paul revere chilled and so did all those other masons. shit was tight and all the buildings were super old. people were speaking itallian everywhere and i got a buffon jersey from the euro cup (green). tooooo freyshhhhhhhh.

heres a choice selection of vids:

this dude was tearin it up... but thennnn... this kid just showed up and sat down and fucking destroyed him


these dudes demanded money or they were going to rob our house (im not joking) but then the dude did a flip so it kinda made up for everything. cool guys, ya know? hahahaha

i paid this dude 5 bones to shred for me. hes russian (might explain the mullet). i sat there in my buffon jersey smoking a cig and drinking a cappucino then someone came by and tried to ask me for directions in italian. what a whop! anyway, i was like, dude im from atlanta and he really didnt believe me. what a greaseball! Anyway, if you look closely you can see that he is playing the shit through a mic thats taped on then routed through a reverb pedal and into a marshall mini stack thats strapped onto his belt. holy fuck i love street musicians.

miss y'all!



the xarlacc said...

let tha good times roll

King of Daves said...

most excellent post brother spee!

hassan i said...

nice! miss you too brother

màki said...

great post man. the violin player looks like he's wearing a ghostbuster suit.