Sunday, November 2, 2008


Madlib 'Beat Konducta, Vol.2- Movie Scenes, the Sequel' 2006, Stones Throw Recordings

Here we have a favorite, a record that has been on the turntable during many gang meetings. For a while there, the beats on this were permanently in my head because we listened to it so often. Madlib is the loop digger king of the universe, and drops about a zillion beats that are all about a minute or two in length. They all smash, this man smashes down beats that are unrivaled on this planet. The Beat Konducta series is one of Lib's multiple record chapters, each installment came out over the past several years. In this series, Madlib wrecks the shit with a ton of samples that are stitched together in a blunted and dusty soul adventure that does it right. Very much plant life has disappeared beneath this record, another way that it rules (esq., whatup). Madlib is a dj and producer, but also known for his and Lord Quas' rhymes (check The Unseen), and also his collabos with Doom and Dilla, etc.., this series is a back to the basics sound journey of huge beats and rhythms that are just on and never dull, instead its banger after banger. So this is number two, and he's dropped different installments of Beat Konducta 4 this year, and all of the Beat Konducta's are tight. But this one is by far the one that i love the most. In fact Madlib is the illest. And you've noticed, alot of the reviews on here are about one man bands (Leviathan, D-Styles, Hatred Surge), it should be known that Madlib is a god when it comes to the shit. He has never ever released a whack record and the man has put out at least several releases a year for the past like 15 years. So anyways you can get this LP, i believe that they've kept it current with represses and all that at Stones Throw. I think they did a volume one and volume two on the same LP now, which is cool, but for collectors, you know you gotta get the volumes. 'Fukwitus'!

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