Monday, November 3, 2008

elections eve


oh and this ones for richard

Sorry i been gone so long... but abstinence makes the heart grow fonder right? um, i mean... absence.... sorry, too much palin...

oh yea... and a pre election day bonus


the xarlacc said...

it would have been cool to have seen more Captain Americas over the weekend

Richardoom said...

Dear God,

I know I think you are made up by people living in the Bronze Age, but if you could be real for just a second and FUCKING DECAPITATE ALICE SHANNON. Thanks. Love, Richard

Anonymous said...

Atheists are so misunderstood... they really do want to believe in something, but it is hard to shrug off those silly rational qualms and burdens of proof. If only we could help them out by taping their eyes shut and wafting glue fumes at them, then maybe we could all live in a world of unity where truth is secondary and consensus is nigh mandatory. Remember, you are a depersonalized unit of potential conversion to religion: missionaries and evangelicals want to check you off of their to-do-list so they can feel good about themselves.