Sunday, December 28, 2008


Despise You 'West Side Horizons' 2008, Fuck Yoga

Greetings. This week we got WEST COAST POWERVIOLENCE in its fullest context possible. Often imitated and rarely authentic [as discussed in previous reviews] this is fucking powerviolence, straight up. But these Latinos smash shit like no other. You cannot fuck with it! The material on this LP is everything they recorded, all between 1994 and 1996, which was sort of the golden age of powerviolence, if you will. Without question this is the harsh, metal side of powerviolence, death metal/grindcore blasts with the fury and ugliness that only metal can provide. Rules. This is some gutter shit. It is dirty and it is disgusting. The intensity and down-tuned bludgeoning that the guitars/distorted bass inflict makes one cringe in the same way that seeing a dead lizardperson would. It is just nasty. And the drums/vocal attack, is a goddamn rampage, with female and male vocals that shriek corruption,injustice, alienation, poverty, apathy, hopelessness, and sometimes all that in Spanish. Wrath and brutality on record, beautiful music to my sick and polluted mind. There are sixty two bursts of rage (in 43 minutes) on this discography, with material from 7" splits with Stapled Shut, Suppression, and Crom, plus lots of comp tracks, some covers, and some never before heard shit. A more comprehensive catalog would be difficult to find. And also- this band never played a show. Add that to the mystery of how the fuck. But last year they reformed w the drummer from Spazz and have been playing shows, thats cool, but something about it rubs me the wrong way, for me Despise You is a place and time thing but whatever though. There are a few limited pressings of this wonderful record, I just got mine on the Macedonian import (good looking thunder jay). 'Despreciad Me Voy'. And like Tupac said, 'Inglewood / always up to no good.'

and this week with,
Brainwashed Thomas Jefferson

Hand me downs
95% of all my musical tools, hardware, gadgetry, and whatnot, have been and are hand me downs. Given to me by those who came before, if it wasn't for such generosity and encouragement i wouldn't be here where i am today, and as i get older i too will continue the tradition, tiss the season of giving

For a beverage that dates back to as early as 6000 BC you can't go wrong, and on Christmas eve a $3 bottle of
said drink go's well with some painkillers and a hollywood flick about Mohicans. btw why is it that a white dude
always ends up being the "last" of a group of people? i.e. last samurai

Hot Spices
a cornerstone for any meal, once you feel the perspiration forming on your forehead,and your sinuses
clear, rest assure that anything ailing you will soon be forgotten

Has this already been on a top 10?
Stop the Slander! Ok ok so yeah every other cool city has it going on with their superior cultural experience
and whatnot. Oh and sure they get all the recognition, but really we're not doing anything different here then they are there, and i believe Atlanta can offer just as rewarding experience. But it's up to us to ensure that. I've heard the term new south being thrown around a lot, we are the vital new voice of the south. I feel a real significant cultural change a brewing

No I'm not talking about unrealistic self deluding fantasies.
Yes i know we've all come along way to get to where we are today and i believe we can each look back at the times when somethings seem like they would not likely ever happen really start too and things start falling into place, it lets you know anyone anywhere can do anything

It flies, never waits, and is a constant presence to this instant and second,
subject to all of our past present and future. bitches

Shows us who we are, and how we got here. However if the affairs of humans has taught us anything it's that the human race has and will continue to keep fucking each other in the ass...

Free coffee
Rather from my barista roomies, at the neighborhood cafe, or at work.
i like my daily drug of choice to be strong, hot and free

New friendships
I've found within each passing year that i have constantly formed new friendships and bonds with individuals, true bonds that last a lifetime makes you realize the world isn't that half bad

I've been working outdoors for exactly one year now, sure the summers are hot and the winters are cold,but for the past year I've been able to see the sunrise every morning, none are ever the same. You also really begin to feel at one with the changing seasons, just the smell of the air and the wind on your back can open a door to an endless amount of nostalgia

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