Monday, December 29, 2008

not just the late night munchies

In Iowa, in the wintertime, the sun goes down at like 4pm, so bedtime comes at like 8pm. But yo, seriously, my sleep schedule is so fucked right now, that's why I am up in these early hours to tell you "The Almanac for Farmers and City Folk" says that the sun actually went down today, (or yesterday) at 4:19 pm. Why am I telling anyone this!? Because I'm wide awake and I most likely miss you if you are reading this...and I look forward to the new year (especially the new year celebration) with all of you! Despite being surrounding by a plethora of good dad beards and Carhart coveralls, I excitedly await my return to the city I love...Atlanta!
One more thing...I fucking miss MI BARIO! Mega-family-feast when the joint reopens for real.
Did you know, Guadalajara is located in the state of Jalisco in western Mexico, and that the region is considered to be the birthplace of mariachi music! Check out this mass rippage:


kegbenk said...

yo we miss you too girl. we got nobody to lay down that sick backbeat :(

mcmooatl said...

giiirl you knows you missed...sat at spencers alone on the computer lookin at at iiiilll crystals with no one to oohhh and ahhh with...
see you tom!!