Sunday, January 25, 2009

ALBUM OF THE WEEK - putchyo thang down flipitnreverseit

So this weeks album of the week is gonna be a little different. To give king xarlack the IV the opportunity to do his very own top ten of the week, it would only seem appropriate that someone else do the record... right? fuck yes. So i present to you, kind sirs and maddams, the album of the week featuring lord sabbat.

This weeks album is going to take a departure from the dark world into something a slight bit lighter. John Cale and Terry Riley's Church of Anthrax i mean, sometimes you wake up with that feeling in your bones that you know the day is gonna start out right, and end up right too, and this is the kinda album that'll getcha there. I would recommend bangin it on one of those wake n' bake kinda days when the skies are clear and youve got that little tinglin in your toe.

So john cale is the dude from the velvet underground up until after white light/white heat came out. im not going to get into the specifics of the shit but pretty much dude's been around the block and i know some of you guys know what im talking about. Terry riley is this bald dude that slays the sax and the organ (or really anything with keys) pretty much on the steady no matter what the fuck kinda music hes making (see: a rainbow in curved air).

pretty much these dudes get together and form this fuckedup captain planet style unstoppable force of deeply complex and incredibly warm sound. the first track is pure groove and has you floating around (this is where the toe's tappin and the fingers are snappin), then they bring it down and mellow you out on some kinda cloud journey shit (yea that shits groovin too though) and then they throw this fucking perfectly executed pop song in your face just to keep you off gaurd and set you up for the finish of the whole shit. dude even makes a harpsichord sound cool at one point.I mean for real the first time i listened to this shit i was left with this bad ass 'oneness with my surroundings' feeling that you usually only get when youre ridin the snake.

my only gripe? the shit could be longer? i mean, i guess thats what every musician is trying to achieve anyway so i guess they nailed that too. apparently both musicians liked the experience and hated how the album came out though, but fuck if i know why. daymn, i mean, its just fresh. check it out.

and for our top ten.
the honorable
-------------------------------------------XARLAKK MOLOKO

. apple juice + water. gotta grab that martinelli shit, mix just like a little bit of it with some water, i'm saying that shit is super refreshing. i drink it every day, it calms my nerves. honorable mentions- budweiser, cel ray.

. short fast + loud. pretty much my favorite hardcore fanzine, put forth by six weeks records, more or less cali's powerviolence/thrash/sludge authority. in print for like ten years, moving right along with issue 20 now, which i wish would arrive in my mailbox with a likewise furious speed. each issue has lots and lots of interviews, record reviews, and other points of interest for those of us with a.d.d.

. graffiti; its presence, the idea of it, graffiti in atlanta, graffiti elsewhere and on the internet. aesthetic shit or straight up vandalism. graffiti is the shit and i think about it everyday alot. compared to other cities, here in ATL we've got it pretty good. we got our own history and also have legendary writers here. and we have bombers giving us new shit to look at pretty much every day. the buff is slow and the buildings are old thus creating about one zillion spots that will probably ride for at least a while.

. gangs. alone we are strong but in gangs and shit we are way stronger and more capable to do shit, fact.

. eating food at my house. i cannot convey my appreciation enough for being able to eat like a fat man at my own crib because my wonderful girlfriend can cook like a fuck. i experience restaurant anxieties, so its just like a done deal. and at other peoples cribs also. got me feeling like that gross dude on the travel channel who gets fed nasty shit worldwide except that i get to enjoy good foods instead, and i am not a shitty guest like that dude.

. PMA. call me a crystal worshiper, you guys know i fit all of the qualifications except the having the actual crystals. but when you project stuff into the clockwork or whatever, then the doors keep opening in front of your face like whoa. 'hey, we got that PMA'

. gucci mane. free gucci! without a doubt gucci rules. grimey as fuck and surrounded with controversy. and gucci straight blasts out of every single car in this whole fucking city including mine so you know as an ATLien you gotta rep that shit too. put it this way, all diamond bart simpson chain that jeezy has a 10 stack bounty on. swag out of control.

. collaboration. collabo's rule because stuff gets taken to the next level by combining creative flows. and you learn some shit and you teach some shit also. whatup hinshaw, whatup alex at videodrome, whatup k, whatup aztecs- lets get down ladies.

. this season's plant life. i'm straight edge but i have seen lots of remarkable beauties lately and i bet its been 'fun' for the losers who abuse them.

. canine friends. i love these dogs so. they are there for us all the time, they are beautiful beasts. our nonhuman friends have got our backs all the time, what an ill thing that is. sandals, lewis, luh ya'll muthafuckas.

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King of Daves said...

Jeez, that's a great album. Pure jammage.