Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. Hands

This one is for Mackie.

Read the wiki. If you have the balls to watch the video then go ahead. I will tell you though, this video was the hardest video to watch that I have EVER SEEN. It is fucking INTENSE, but always good to know it's out there, hahaha.


King of Daves said...

Wow, that shit looked like it must have tore up his insides. I mean fuck. That shit was like a the size of a baseball bat and he took it all. He also had three piercings in his scrote.

Destructo said...

how does one even support the wight of a fucking horse while trying to enjoy anal sex? Nayyyyy

Richardoom said...

Stuckes you should know. I've heard about that donkey show you done did.