Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So leave it to some rich fucking artsy british dude to exploit poor little indian children for his benefit. slumdog millionaires is danny boyles newest flic. danny boyle is said british fuck that decided he was going to make a movie about poor indian children and not give them a goddamn penny of the shit.

Anyway, in india they dont take shit like that and even kids will fucking rage on some shit. protesters sacked the cinema where they were showing the film claiming that they were offended by being called 'dogs' (right? who isnt?) and angry as to not see a dime of this brits profits.

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anyway, i havent seen this movie yet and probably will just steal it off the internet since this motherfucker doesnt deserve my dough. plus millions fucking sucked and i want (deserve) my money back for renting that fucking turd of a film.

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King of Daves said...

I recently saw the film, and I was underwhelmed. To say the least.