Monday, January 12, 2009

this is goddamned ridiculous

so we all know that presidential security is a huge threat based solely on the assumption that americans are still so stupid/racist that they are just 'itchin' to assassinate our president elect. you know, its kinda like how we need to take our shoes off at the airport based on the assumption that people are so inclined to blow some shit up that they will try a method that obviously doesnt work and would ensure that they were apprehended on the spot.

i mean, that oxygen tank is pretty sick though.

oh yeah, click on that photo to get the whole thing.


the xarlacc said...

without a doubt the only cadillac cooler than the ones in our city. even got his blood up in there what the fuck thats ill?!

màki said...

my truck packs most of the same stuff, except i keep beer on ice instead of my own blood...