Sunday, February 22, 2009


Repulsion 'Horrified' 1986, Necrosis Records

Yes we did, my peoples. And together on this day, we journey back in time to 1986 to observe the origin of a very special thing. A beautiful, disgusting creature known as GRIND. Along with some other raw as shit lightning zaps of culture such as graffiti, rap, skateboarding, and powerviolence, grind is an American thing... hells bells on that! Anyways this sure as fuck ain't a nationalism piece but all of those things rule and began here in the U$A. Or like they are rooted here. But this is about Repulsion. I mentioned them a couple of weeks ago in the Terrorizer review, crediting them along with Napalm Death for inspiring the early grind sound. But when I wrote that, I was sort of lying because they are so mindwreckingly superior to most sounds that ever got to be called 'grind' that I've got to make a big deal about them. From Flint, Michigan, Repulsion splintered the thrash/death/hardcore sound into a zillion jagged pieces that made people bleed out of their ears,eyes, and mouths worldwide. They took the early thrash/grind sounds of bands like The Acc├╝sed, Siege and Napalm and shit so far over the top that it melted away everything and the extreme metal sound was birthed- from the terrible orifice known as America. This was 1985 and they pissed acid into your stereo. The energy that it had shreds so fiercely that it is unnatural. With downtuned, electroshock torture riffs, super heavy distorted as fuck bass, and violent frenzy drums/vocals that mutilate and destroy, putting this joint on is like exploding a light grenade. It begins sort of fun, but within the first several seconds when that distorted bass drops in with the drums, fuck! It is recorded panic and very not fun. Usually on the Sabbath when I author this column, two ladies are asleep next to me. One is my girlfriend who works all night, the other is my brown bear/dog hybrid who loves to sleep in the bed while anyone else sleeps in it. They are both sound asleep right now. I can say without a doubt, that if I were to take the headphones off and instead use the stereo speakers at maximum volume, I could blow both of these girls through the living room and clear out into the street with this record. Like at the beginning of Back To The Future. Horrified is exactly like that. You can forget about the vinyl I think, but here is a double disc available that is the remastered album along with rarities and some demos and so forth, which is obviously worth the listen. Rotting maggots in your coffin!

and this week with,
our new sleeper cell,
one who has many names but one of them is
another one is

-Plants- I love plants, not enough good can be said about them. Put some in your house and watch them grow and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

-Urban Exploration- finding new places in your city is always gratifying, especially when they’re old and dingy and forgotten, and you have to break into them.

-Yard Sales- this is where to go if you want to find cheap old treasures and obscurities. Sometimes you can even find houseplants going for the low. There’s usually a bunch of weirdoes at those things too, which is always stimulating.

-Walking Around in the Woods and Finding Skulls- as we all know the woods fucking rip, and skulls also fucking rip, so when you’re in the woods, living your life, thinking it cant get any better, and you look down and right there sticking out of the leaves and the moss and the humus is a skull, its like finding a trophy inside a diamond. this website is really good for finding out about all the weird cutting edge science that’s going on now. That hadron particle collider, tissue engineering, biomechanical part replacement, cyborgs, etc. check it out.

-Braised kale-my home girl turned me onto this. Heat up a pan in the oven to 450, in the meantime wash some kale and chop some garlic. When the pan gets preheated toss the kale and garlic with a little oil and some salt, then pull the pan out and put the kale and garlic mixture on it, and put it back in the oven. Keep an eye on it and pull it out after a few minutes. They come out crispy and delicious. It also works with chard, and spinach.

-Old Portraits-I recently took a few trips to Ohio, where the thrift stores are bargain basement and full of ill shit. Including lots of old mounted portraits; you can find baskets of these things up there. They’re all fairly small around the size of a big index card, but they’ve got great attention to detail, lots of cool ovular frames with arabesques surrounding. Plus most of the people from that time in Ohio’s history looked fucking weird, so it’s doubly beautiful.

-Terra Cotta Warriors, an entire army of terra cotta warriors is quite a thing to have made and to be your legacy, especially if its equipped with working crossbows and booby traps and used to guard your grave, that dude was a total megalomaniac.

-ZZ Top- Well, ZZ top before they grew out those beards. Those first few records are so good. “ZZ Top’s First Album” “Rio Grande Mud” “Tres Hombres” “Tejas” and a few from “Fandango.” It’s too bad they decided to change their focus from making good music to growing beards.

-Little Sticks- when you got a nickname like mine, little sticks become really handy.

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