Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our backyard

Anybody ever watch that show on GPB "Georgia Explorer"? I do, and it's pretty rad. Super cheesed out intro, hosts, activities, etc. Well I want to host the show, but they said I don't fit the model of what they were looking for, so I guess I will just do the damn thang here.
Georgia has a lot to offer if you're willing to drive a couple hours and do a little searching. With 59,441 square miles of land, there is quite a bit to experience. From the biggest city in the southeast to some pretty secluded wilderness areas, Georgia has got it.
Here I would like to share with you a recent trip to one of my favorite Georgia destinations: Fort Mountain State Park

Located in north Central Georgia, Fort Mountain is a pristine 3,712 acre plot minutes east of Chatsworth. It's got all the amenities of most state parks, (cabins, rv lots, interpretation centers, miniature golf?) including our (my lady and myself) preferred outdoor activity; hiking. When we visited on a frigid February day we set out on the Gahuti backcountry trail.

The trail makes an 8 mile loop around the perimeter of the park and intersects with a few other trails that ascend to the summit of Fort Mountain and loop around the top with access to an old fire tower and the park's namesake: a mysterious rock wall built by unknown people. Some say that it was an outpost of natives in the area, others claim that the Spanish built it, and others that some indigenous white folk built it. I know of no indigenous white peoples on this continent, though. Unfortunately we missed the trail to the wall, but still made it to the tower and a couple of overlooks.

The tower was all boarded up though, making it impossible to climb to the top without a grappling hook. Bummer. There is also a green screen out in the woods somewhere where you can get a photo of yourself in front of a beautiful vista.

The other lookout point stands about 2000 feet above sea level and give a great 180 degree view from the foot of the Cohutta mountains.

It's a short trip that is certainly worth the time. Beautiful scenery, history, fresh air, foliage and all that jazz. Check it out and see the backyard of your city.


No Brakes Bikes said...

That is crazy that you guys both did that trip. My buddy Bryan and I did the loop with Erin and I's dog Boudreaux and camped at camp spot 3 I think? maybe 2. The one that isn't way on top of a mountain but the next one when hiking counterclockwise from the parking lot! The Gahuti trail rules, all of our scenic vista pictures were of a completely gray background because we were in the clouds in december.

kegbenk said...

hahaha... i totally (have) watch(ed) that georgia traveler show. It comes on right before this old house, which is my joint.

Destructo said...

I wanna go see those Etowah burial mounds you was talkin about!

andepie said...

Thanks! I found this informative and stuff.