Sunday, March 8, 2009


Mind Eraser 'Conscious Unconscious' LP 2008, Clean Plate Records

Yo. Back on the rip with a new look- and for my next trick, I will expose something that totally rips and does so with the authority of a jagged glass shard to your neck but then at the last second it is boiling oil thrown all over your face instead. From Boston, Mind Eraser fucking destroys. I had been curious about them for a while and then I finally got my lazy ass on the thing and grabbed some of their releases. I tell you my friends, this shit slays. You should listen to this madness because it will make you foam at the mouth and you probably need something like that in your life. You will say 'FATHER- THE SLEEPER AWAKENS' when you listen to this shit because thats just about how fresh the shit is. The incredible weight and heaviness that they bludgeon these two songs with is confusing and frustrating and bonecrushing. It is so fucking heavy and all over the goddamn place. To state powerviolence would be wrong- as would saying hardcore or sludge/doom but damn if it isn't dirge-y as shit. There are death metal riffs on here. There is grinding here. Guitar and bass work fucking rules and is huge and just straight up NASTY drums. The snare sounds heavier than most dudes' bass drums and this guy punishes it. And the vocal work is completely off the rip, this guy is crazy, I read an story about him recently in Maximumrocknroll and I decree that it makes his band better because like I said, it seems that he is out of his mind. And then on top of all that, this shit is psyched out as fuck though too?!- I mean what the fuck? A total visionary album that obliterates and makes no secret of it. It is one of those that will not grow on you over time, instead it will beat your ass and smash your face into a million pieces when you first hear it. And when you recover from this grizzly attack to your mind and body then you maybe could check their previous releases such as Glacial Reign and Cave (2005+2006, Painkiller) and their more recent 7", The Prodigal Son Brings Death (2008, Youngblood) because they all totally fucking rule and will likewise put your ears in the fucking hospital. For real. This record is on its 2nd pressing right now so nows your chance to get it before it becomes far more difficult to obtain. And the cover art is by the living legend Joe Petagno (who is beyond everything he rules so much), could it possibly get any better than that shit right there. No it could not.

and this week with,

rad things

10. tuck knee grabs

9. brand new chukuh boots

8. rauschenberg

7. loretta lynn

6. the autumn bowl

5. fastness

4. razor tail

3. walking

2. native peoples

1. naked raygun

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