Friday, March 6, 2009

Google owes us money

I forgot to add another small note to the articles update the other day and many of you may have already noticed - google adsense has been removed. originally we discussed as a team how google adsense might be a good way to make up the cost of our domain name through a small unobtrusive advertisement at the bottom of our page. however, after many a click (yes i even tracked it) we didnt make a fucking dime off that shit. why? well this guy named aaron greenspan (not alan) asked the same question when his account was terminated for making google TOO much money. he tried to contact people at 'adsense' through google and it turns out they didnt even really exist... go figure

the system works by giving you a certain share of the dough google makes through people randomly clicking on ads. the people with the ads pay google and google supposedly throws you a bone for helping them all drive mercedes around and shit.

when aaron's account was cancelled and he wasnt going to receive the 721 dollars they owed him, he (for $40 mind you) sued those bastards and got all of his money+court costs back.

the article is really tight, you should read it HERE

then again maybe im just mad at those fucks for flagging us for 'objectionable content'. probably one of the reasons behind our lack of revenue in their stupid ass pyramid scheme. god damn, i might as well have been selling fucking mary kay or some shit i probably could have made my dough back by now.

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