Saturday, April 11, 2009


Disrupt, 'Unrest' LP. 1994, Relapse Recordings

Ok so this joint smashes hearts and minds- manic crust dirgecore that pummels with vengeance. Raw and to the point, Disrupt helped pave the way for the mid-late 90s crust/grind hybrid explosion that occured in the hardcore realm. Very angry and worth your time. I've heard of this group for many years but sort of strayed away from them, like an idiot, due to their use of the 'dis' prefix that so many bands adopt. But that was dumb of me because this record rips shit. Recently a reissue of this LP came out with several bonus songs, recorded during this albums session but lost in the vaults or whatever. I am thankful that I no longer am sleeping on this. Think high speed thrash bursts, but with the heavy low end that shakes the floor. I know that was a also a dumb way to describe it but listen and you will see. Certainly this is some raw shit. They were from the New England area and they were also very strong proponents of the animal rights vibe that many a hardcore band adopted from this era. But that shit is cool- cool in the way that this dudes would beat your ass for being cruel to animals. I like that. I would help them do that. Oh my I am kinda out of touch with my fellow westerners who I listen to and talk about records every day..this may be obvious from the amateur way that I am trying to describe such a beast of a record. Put it this way- if Disrupt had not smashed shit in this way, then a band such as Hatred Surge could not have moved forward with the sheer brutality and execution of angry violence on record that they have put forth. So that rules, good looking out Disrupt. Thirty songs here. Not for weiners or those who like to inflict pain on the weak or helpless. But if you liked that stuff why would you even be on reading this trash? When I listened to this on the plane last week while over Russia, I got too excited, and too pumped, to be able to survive the remaining 6 hours of flight so I had to turn that shit off. But now that I have been on Chinese soil for days, I believe that I can handle it now and proudly am wrecking my head with it. I had my headphones closeby the other day and this was noticed and sparked a conversation (be it a very slow, broken english one, with many head nods but a lack of understanding anyway) with a Chinese guy my age.. 'Ooooh you rike mrusic? Uhhgm excruse me, do you rike Rinkiln Palrk?' And I replied, 'Uh no not really.' But in my mind I fantasized about this man knowing about Disrupt instead and how rad it would have been if we could have had a pieced conversation on the Unrest LP instead. But I of course was thrilled to discuss mrusic with someone curious about what the fuck I listened to. And now someone over here in Zhuhai is aware that people listen to very fast, very loud music, that would smash Rinkiln Parlk into a thousand pieces. Haha that would rule if that happened. I love you guys- see you in a week or so!


30cent said...

best post evar!

heated mammal said...

Dude, I would've loved to've been there for that music discussion. I bet if you would've give him a copy of the album his mind would've been blown, his eyes would've changed colors, and he would have been the first of a new breed.

Remember when Relapse only ever came correct?

Have tons of funs and I hope to see you soon.