Saturday, April 11, 2009


So recently I came across a website American Family X, it's a site dedicated to snapshots and found photographs, the site is small and is updating more frequently but it is definitely one of my favorites..the categories are ones you have seen before..the holidays, family portraits, vacations, the automobiles, the 20's - the 80's but the photos bring such a great remembrance of another time and a realness of character and life left somewhat unappreciated now.
So check out some of my favorites and browse around their site for some of your own if your into that sort of thing..


King of Daves said...

Wow, those are great. My two favorites from your favorites are:

The gay (looking) kid feeling really uncomfortable with a group of homophobic cowboys.

The old man standing in the center of that giant tree pussy.

Witchyard said...

Was Tree Pussy the wife of Tree Beard from Lord of the Rings?

King of Daves said...

No, her name was Pussy Beard.

Lord Sabbat said...

btw these are tiiiight