Friday, April 10, 2009

Through an open window

bruce wrightson shot this amazing portrait series in the early to mid eighties in binghamton, new york. the subjects are people he met on the street, carnival workers, and factory employees from his neighborhood. all the images are shot with the very large format 8x10 camera, which he carried around with him in search of willing models.

all of thes prints were made posthumously from negatives found by wrightsons estate. he has two other series. learn about him and his other works here.


articlescollective said...

dude, binghamton new york is one of the most amazing towns ive ever seen. so amazing. its like a sleepy hollow village in the bottom of a beautiful valley.

also, these flix are dope.

Destructo said...

style icons

sixtythreebears said...

i know right? if you squint real hard they all kinda look like prince