Sunday, June 7, 2009


Gucci Mane + DJ Holiday 'Writing On The Wall' mixtape 2009, So Icey

Gucci Mane raising hell. This tape is definitely the shit- pretty much the best mixtape Gucci has put out to date. Unlike some of the recent joints like Texaco Shawty, Well Damn, and Guccimania this one starts out real strong and stays solid to the end. Sounds huge and goddamn its nasty. All these beats knock pretty hard, some of them crush shit and all the heads are all over it like OJ Da Juiceman and those dudes, who of course Gucci outshines and obviously didn't need on his track anyways. But just like all the time, Gucci's voice sounds cool as shit, he talks about shit all weird and stands out on a different thing than the others which rules. Writing On The Wall is also tight because this is the one that So Icey Entertainment is pushing, the other one that just came out, Murder Was Da Case, was the final Gucci release on Big Cat Records who apparently Gucci isn't down with anymore as they tried to hold the Mane's contract from him. He states that Writing is the one you should get instead of Murder so naturally thats the one I'm about also. Compared to anybody else that is hot right now in the A and nationwide, Gucci is a million times more fresh. Everything about this shit is on point- it is hard and now that he's out of jail the buzz is bigger than ever. And you got to respect that shit- if you are bigger when you come out of jail than when you went in, that shit rules because fuck the system and whatnot. He started working on this record the day he got out. And its straight laughable how much Gucci overshadows Young Jeezy now after their rift, their problems on that one lifted Gucci way higher. No one else has the personality and raw creative shit that Gucci has on his records and I feel like I owe it to the Mane to review one of his tapes- I bang that shit all the time. What up 30, what up Harry. Plus it feels right, to blast that shit when you are getting loose with the crew because that shit is hard and that is what it was made for. I know its been mentioned before but just to remind, an all diamond Bart Simpson with a skateboard chain- say what you will but that is the shit. And now its next to his new one, an iced Odie, Garfield's friend or whatever. We are about to see this man blow up like a fuck. Of course he is huge around here, been doing it since Trap House and Back To The Traphouse and all that shit, but elsewhere he is about to smash in there. So pumped about the forthcoming Shine Blockers- a mindwrecking collaboration with Gucci Mane, Project Pat, and Big Boi. If it doesn't slay then I will reassess my whole shit this summer. Gucci Mane Shawty/ Gucci Kunta Kinte/Gucci Mane the Africane

and this week with,
Roberto Carlos Lange
Soulful 10 on Youtube

1. Little Beaver - Party Down
Little Beaver thats the best name you can't really fuck it with it... or this song.

2. Al Green - Right Now
kind of a bad ass Al Green song.

3. Bootsy - I'd Rather be with you
everyone knows who took this and made into a west coast jam.

4. Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We Live Together

5. Tito Puente y Charlie Palmieri - Jam en El Barrio
you cant really fuck with this.

6. Heactor Lavoe - Todo Tiene Su Final
translates to: everything has its end.

7. Congragacion - Atrapados Por Un Pensimiento
south america souls

8. Redbone - Come and Get your Love
damn. first native american rock band.

9. Nina Simone - Suzanne
shit. so good

10. then lay down and rest

All these are jams that are 10's or whatever things that are in no order but something of an inspiration.

Roberto is a big brother figure from back in the day, an Ecuadorian Floridian sound designer/soul alligner with an impressive release catalog and a kindness that is quite encouraging. His sounds can be heard in ROM, Boom & Birds, Epstein, Savath + Savalas, and a ton of other stuff, which he's toured the world making sounds for...Homeboy your proliferation is always an inspiration. SAV/worldwide!

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yesssss. gucci cd sightings in stores in the land of kanadia have been recorded recently!