Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tonalism 2009

I recently had the privilege of performing at this years Tonalism festival. As good fortune would have it, this years festival took place in Big Sur California (or as i dubbed it The End of the World)

where everything went down

a man and his redwood

redwood stage

the library


Mia Doi Todd and Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel fame

Visuals by: Matt Amato (The Masses) check out his site


made some new friendships in the Pacific valley

Windy & Carl the drone dreamers dream

White Rainbow of yume bitsu fame probably my favorite set of the night

Unfortunately this only a portion of went down that night i couldn't personally document the entire experience considering i didn't bring a camera and i was busy doing various "adult" activities...
special thanks to Farzad, Stacie and Kozy for the rad pics


esteban said...

Whoa. that looks like it was super duper awesome. Really rad setting with some ill tunes to set it off. Siiiiiick.

andepie said...

I'm so good white rainbow is good live --- I have had my debates. that just seems like such an amazing experience! And everything looks so beautiful.

eraq said...

I loves me some Adam Forkner and I loves me some Lyonnais. The pics are great in that they hint at magic being made.

Lord Sabbat said...

dude, so tight. you look like a sea gnome contemplating life's purpose. excellent.

Lord Sabbat said...

did you see any seals get eaten by killer whales?

kegbenk said...

dude that place is pretty as fuck