Sunday, August 2, 2009


Knuckle Scraper 'R.I.P.' 7" 2009, Rescued From Life Records

Ripping shit from Houston, these persons bludgeoned powerviolence/grind sounds and they are very bonecrunching and rad. If this is the first you have heard of them, too late...they are no longer and thats why this shit is called R.I.P. But no worries, you can still smash your head open listening to this and a 7" they put out in 2006 called 'Max Isn't the Bastard.' Also there is a demo that rules. This stuff is really fucking tough but also has that Spazz-worship style sarcasm which is rad when done right. And maybe as you would expect, the shit blasts so hard that it is over before you know it. And its because they've members of Hatred Surge and Insect Warfare, and some other bands so, you already know its legit. Sounds kind of like what you would expect from said members, but damn if it never gets old to hear that shit get shredded by them. You can snag a copy of this because it came out recently- I await one myself. Ready to make an entrance so back on up/ Cause you know we boutsta rip shit up

Insect Warfare 'Information Economy' 7" 2009, Teraphic Dekay Records

So even though they broke up they's still puttin out obscure, limited vinyl (those asses). Anyways these are some tracks that appeared on the 'This Comp Kills Fascists' record. But its a bootleg though that is apparently giving props to an older bootleg label called Seraphic Decay. To add to the weirdness, like the final s/t 12" this shit is one sided. Which to me furthers the idea that this is deliberate and these guys want to make you feel frustrated and powerless which is theme to grind like this, by only using half of these records they do it more. But whatever it rips, these guys really slayed it. On the paper sleeve there is a stamp that says "300 copies only! Fuck off the false grind!" which of course speaks for itself. Ruthless and wicked, the real deal.

And David, our pal in Japan, sent us some drawings to look at this week. Thank you David, you missed and honored fucking rascal gaylord.

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