Friday, August 21, 2009

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Initially I was going to email a select few of you dorks and tell you to watch this video. But it seemed a bit more efficient to just post it on here. Now, I'm not you, but if I was I would buy this motherfucker. It looks bad to the bone. (I'm looking at you prince zarlacc)


the xarlacc said...

biym. we were just playin the demo last night- it is dope but hard! that video made me want to get into it. oh david you nerdburglar you.

Witchyard said...

I will download and burn, but the demo didn't completely win me over. Right now Shadow Complex (pretty much Metroid) and Trials HD are captivating me.

King of Daves said...

Yeah shadow complex looks really tight. I don't know anything about Trials though.