Friday, August 21, 2009

The Best 25¢ You'll Ever Spend

Ever been to the Starlight Drive-In on a Sunday morning? This might be Atlanta's best attraction. The self proclaimed "open air" flea market, this place is chock full of piles of unsorted clothes, outdated electronics, unbelievable Michael Jackson shirts, and used baby toys. Hell, you can get a lawnmower out there if you want. Get there early, and don't bother bringing any snacks because there are some kick ass Hispanic tents cutting up fresh fruit. Keep your ear open for "Dollah Sale" to get shit super cheap. For added charm and ridiculousness they charge a quarter per person to get into the joint. Say hello to the video game guy out there for me.

1 comment:

the xarlacc said...

place rules- i've scored mint condition cassette decks, rare LPs and wicked jewelry there for the low low. but goddamn its so hot on those miles and miles of asphalt.