Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shepard Fairey: The most hypocritical little cunt there ever was.

If the image above didnt convince you well enough, Shepard Fairey is probably the largest douche nozzle to ever spew itself upon gods green (sort of) earth. Let me run down the reasons why. Shepard wanted to be a notable artist - so he started making art. How cute! What do you do if you suck at making art but want to be an artist? Well, the answer is simple. All you have to do is find some (slightly) obscure artists from the past and rip them off, right? In Shepard's case, his entire style is based off of the artwork of barbara kruger and the movie 'They Live'. C'mon shep, I could fart out a better scheme than that. Please, anyone who might decide to bring up some sort of 'well he was good before he sold his soul to coca cola for the 'obey your thirst' tour while still trying to make anti-establishmentarian statements' keep this in mind.

So what could you possibly do to make yourself more of a douche. how about steal someones photograph (that they didnt get paid for to begin with) off of the AP website, make an obama poster of it, and make about 1million more dollars off someone elses art. Wait, lets make that better. How about (as the cherry on top) you get a warhol complex and stop making your own art all together. Fuck it, if youre already rich, why dont you make someone else do your fucking art, damn that shits BORING anyway right?

I know ive written about my deep seeded hate for this douche before. but i just read THIS and it made me hate his lame ass even more (see articles dated:april 14, Feb 6, and Feb 5). Hopefully any judge anywhere would be smart enough to realize that this fucker STOLE THAT IMAGERY from someone else to begin with.

Damn, it stings when it comes full circle, doesnt it shepard? I hope one of your interns is hiding tiny penises in your stupid ass artwork as we speak.


andepie said...

Everything he has ever done he has stolen --- I'm looking for the article right now. When you read it you will shit hate filled roasting coals. That guy is a talentless douchbag beyond your reasoning. Every single thing down to the OBEY andre thing is someone elses with barley any changes.
Another Talentless Art Worshipped Asshhole Lowering Standards and Making Money.

Witchyard said...
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Witchyard said...

One point of correction, I wouldn't consider Barbara Krueger an obscure artists.

Oh, and to stoke the flames even higher, he has taken anti-graffiti measures on his own studio's brick walls. THAT'S RIGHT, HE TRIES TO STOP PEOPLE FROM TAGGING HIS WALLS!

Lord Sabbat said...

agreed, pretty much everyone knows who barbara kruger is right? except for people who like his shit, apparently.

i hope rowdy roddy gets royalties somehow. and if he doesnt, it might make for an interesting 20 minute wrestling sequence

Witchyard said...

Best fight in a movie ever.