Wednesday, September 16, 2009

jersey girls

I saw this on John Robinson's blog and i wanted to share. It's a clip from a documentary made by Ruth Leitman (who also did Lipstick and Dynamite) in 1992, called Wildwood NJ. Supposedly it's available at Videodrome.


the xarlacc said...

"and like, I'm probably gonna be with her for like, the rest of the summer"

E-roc said...

I'm sure the local emegency room was like "What happened?", She said "I was a beat up by a girl in a shoulderless denim shirt" And the doctor was like "Oh, we had one die from that just yesterday."

kegbenk said...

wow. i've never wished that i was i an 80's jersey dude more than right now. its different, its just different you know.