Thursday, September 17, 2009

oh no

some kids killed a hairless sloth cause they thought it was an alien. or gollum. or something.

article here


King of Daves said...

I wish this was a post about "some kids" fucking a hairless sloth. I'm just saying that if humans died out, or if women died out, or even if nobody died and I happened to be alone with one of those things I would totally mate with it. It'd be like fucking E.T. but without all the glowing dicks.

the xarlacc said...

a sloth or a pitbull? that really narrows it down eh. i believe i would feel very frightened if that joint walked out of a cave that i was near/ looks like an ehleeyn to me (though despite some speculation i am not an expert).

Erk said...

"Quick! Call a scientist!", "Fuck that, lets chuck rocks at it".

Parents just don't understand