Sunday, October 11, 2009


Raekwon feat. Ghostface 'Only Built For Cuban Linx pt. II' 2009, Ice H2O/EMI Records

Ok after like fifteen years, the sequel to the Cuban Linx album finally comes out. A lot has happened since part I and it was said that it was going to come out as far back as 2005 with Dr.Dre and all types of other shit but nope. So here we are at the end part of 2009 and Raekwon and Ghostface come thru and smash the shit out of shit! What a great thing to happen. Shit fucking sucks these days almost everywhere that used to be awesome and then the Wu comes through with some wicked shit and that rules. Everybody except Rae and Ghost have more or less dropped the ball over the years, though it is somehow ok, because you know that the Wu Gambinos aka The Chef and Ironman Starks will always come thru. But this time they really did that shit right. It even has Shaolin Kung Fu samples all over it. These beats remind one about the glory days of all the ill Wu Tang records pre-new millennium. Still fucking the shit up, these dudes are monsters. The record is the shit, it rules. Dusty soul samples and all the grime and grit that you wish dudes would bring their sound back to instead of all this polished bullshit these days. This is historical shit, there are beats and rhymes from all greats, even the late J Dilla, and ODB,too many to list. If you left the earth for a while right after Cuban Linx pt.I came out, and came back now that Cuban Linx pt.II is out, you would think that its been all good this whole time. But we know that it totally hasn't, thats why this shit rules for itself but also for NYC rap in general. Of course the Wu is all over this new one, all of them I believe. Even a proper ODB tribute that is sad to think about. Raekwon and Ghostface always have kept it rugged and vicious and here they are again doing that shit. Amazing that 15 years have passed though, things are different now, part of that being that this won't come out on vinyl, it would be a surprise if it did. Anyways bang this shit loud, your duty to history and legends. It kills, these dudes are my heroes. "Maxed out/annexed style/ my team Grand Bandits/ Make a move and get blowed off the planet"


30cent said...

alright, you are right on about this record joe - it is the fucking shit

cuban linx 1 is my favorite piece of music to ever be put to tape, beyond a shadow of a doubt - i have gotten and continue to get more from that joint than any other single record regardless of genre etc.

and this is a worthy nod to the past with eyes on the future (the future as it appeared in 2004). shit rocks. record of the year status, for sure

i think it is going to come out on vinyl though...somebody will do it if its not rae..hopefully it wont be in 6 years

30 said...

also i want to reiterate the fucking illness of the Staten Go Hard mixtape - joints that didnt make the album because of sample clearence etc. its kind of cube link 2 part 2

30 said...

heated mammal said...

knowledge drop status confirmed. Thanks for the link J. These two are the real kings of NYC rap. Not that dude married to that Beyoncee broad: he's got too much in common with Brett Favre.