Saturday, October 17, 2009

ATTN Atlanta: The Falcons are good

Dear atlantans,

The falcons are fucking good this year. This might be the first year since... I dont know... about when this picture was taken that we might go 2 seasons in a row with a winning record. I know what youre thinking... isnt football for jocks? Shut up. Football is excellent on many levels and when you start to finally understand the game (like i did a couple of years ago) it gets more and more exciting even before the super bowl. Who doesnt like the nonviolent (kinda) version of tactical medieval warfare?

Anyway, i invite you to come watch the falcons with me this sunday. and every sunday. support your local burds. drink beer on sunday. get siked with your homies.

oh yea and im trying to get a flag football game going in the park. whos down? bring 2 socks.


Lord "Dirty Bird" Sabbat


King of Daves said...

If I was there I would definitely be down for some flag football.

Sidenote, almost as sweet as football is the locker room after the game.

heated mammal said...

c'mon e'reybody knows that tha Titans are way better than tha burds! Air McNair RIP (I like to pretend he never left). Actually, I don't really care about NFL so much just as long as the Patriots lose and a Raven kills somebody. College ball is much better tactically, whereas NFL is more technical and flashy. Oh yeah, I like to call it wobbleball.

the xarlacc said...

can't forget about The Birds, just like in Alfred Hitchcock, just like that. We destroying shit!

kegbenk said...

runnin into windows and scarin blonde headed ladies.