Monday, March 15, 2010


Beck One Foot In the Grave LP 1994, K Records

Apologies for the delay, but is it not true that we all receive a wicked hangover sometimes? Anyways this is one of my all time favorite LPs. Everybody knows what this man went on to do, but rarely does this record get its clout in terms of it being a fucking killer moment in sleepy stoner blues folk or whatever category it falls under. One Foot In the Grave slays real, real hard, and if you ask me, it was all downhill from here for Beck. None of his records are bad but this one is the best I think and no other Beck album has come anywhere close to the number of times I've listened to this shit. Something about the way the songs move, and how some are all Delta blues fingerpicking grittiness and then the next one is a great song like "Asshole." The other guy on the cover is the Calvin Johnson, who produced this record and sings a lot on it, he is the also the guy from Beat Happening. Not to be a stroker but I've always wanted to make a record similar to this, the songs are so homemade and shit, it rules.

Get Destroyed Burnt Offerings 7" 2009, To Live a Lie/625 Thrash

I don't want you guys to think that I've gone soft, all reviewing Beck records and Pink Floyd and whatever, so here's this razorblade attack on your ears from crazed Arizonians. Powerviolence, more or less worthy of the 'it sounds like Infest' description, which isn't true usually when people say that about some band or whatever. Fast everything but you know, mixed with very slow stuff, in short 30 second bursts of crunchy, heavy, West Coast bludgeoning. Obviously it is, because look at the cover, it looks like all that other shit, complete with token image of a dead person. I don't make the rules but records that look like that and are on the 625 Label are most often on point. They slay and put the high voltage blast to your neck for like 8 minutes and then its over. You can always make time for that sort of thing, you should. This is out now.

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