Monday, March 15, 2010

new developments in the field of knowledge

Is it just me or is everybody a bunch of retards?


30cent said...

i dont think thats a very good description of post-modernism or the post-modern era. of course one of the hallmarks of post modernism is that it is notoriously difficult to define, but still. it isn't necessarily a bad thing but almost always it is presented as such... another hallmark i guess. we live in post modernity and we have to deal with it.

but yeah, everybody is retards, thats for sure

kegbenk said...

postmodernism is silly enough being that its only positive descriptor is that it is "after modernism" but post-postmodernism!? co'moooon!

30cent said...

haha yeah, definitely another hallmark - the utter inability to be original. Thats actually a pretty good criteria - it could be argued that post modernism has declared originality dead.