Sunday, May 2, 2010

Skrewed Up

Nails 'Unsilent Death' LP 2010, Six Feet Under Records

Salutations. On deck is the new Nails LP, man oh man it kills. Do you like the super thick intersection of hardcore and grind? Are you into the recent onslaught of bands that punish with mid 90s emulation? If you are then this is the tits for you. The harshed out and low end heavy songs on this LP will take you 15 minutes to hear so you may as well listen to it 2 or 3 times to get the full idea. These fools remind me of From Enslavement-era Napalm Death, but mostly slow dirges where Napalm Death would have been grinding. Fans of Brutal Truth also would be into this, not so sure about the Dropdead comparison as Six Feet Under stated. It has the rawness and weight and overall noisiness of classic grind but alas, once again the dude from Converge produced it, which is an embarrassing first here on theArticles, as last week's LP was produced by him. Anyways I don't make the rules but I've been banging this fairly often throughout the week and so it rips right. I suppose it has traces of the 'tough guy' sound but these guys are from Los Angeles so its ok. This is a smashing LP. Not sure about the cover art though, hanging dudes= suspect. The jams inside slay though. Congrats on your show babygirl + cheers to you 30 Centavos, on your birthdate. U Way!

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