Sunday, May 9, 2010

don't let your mom find it

1349 'Demonoir' LP 2010, Prosthetic Recordings

Last month the new 1349 came out and it shreds, like a million chainsaws to a library of Bibles. But before that, maybe you guys recall that a few months back Revelations of the Black Flame(2009) was reviewed by myself, anyways I thought that one ruled, which it does. But I was almost alone in that belief- 1349 critics, in their caves, dungeons, and nerd lairs in their mom's basements worldwide, thought it totally sucked, was boring, all filler no killer. But yeah right, it slayed. Anyways they return on Demonoir to punish shit, to slice the throat of the sheep who thought Revelations was weak. Unholy as ever, this LP is a return to the Black Metal Grind sound that they are masters of, lightning fast drums from Frost, also of Satyricon, one of the masters of Black Metal drums. The razorblade guitars attack with the evilest of riffs over and over, all tangled up in the drums straight destroy. Bludgeoning, to excruciating, horribly demonic and miserable the whole time...sooo wicked. In between the songs on the LP are interludes entitled 'Temple of Set XI-XVII,' noise compositions are frightful and lurking that lead into the Heavy Metal like a tunnel does, were no doubt a call to the prior LP, soaked with dark, ambient coffin style noises. I feel this to be a fantastic 1349 record, it sounds huge, they are bad as fuck, from Norway. The LP comes out soon I think.

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