Sunday, May 16, 2010

tink about it

Total Abuse 'Mutt' LP 2010, Post Present Medium

Hi weirdos, this is the newest offering from Total Abuse and I've been listening to it through the past week. It was whatever when I first heard it, but several spins later, that shit has started to slay. And now, it rules. I know you know what I am talking about. And anyways how gratifying the relationship of earning love for an LP is. This Total Abuse LP isn't the best record ever or anything like that, but its a nice one that shreds and is creative and whatnot. I usually gravitate to the other side of hardcore like this. This is sloppy and nasty and obnoxious but Total Abuse are ill because they make it also be fierce and threatening. Mutt is more aggressive and nastier and faster then their first LP which was all crunchy and raw and I artsy or whatever. These guys are from Austin TX and this is the hardcore worship of ugly and bad sounding shit, but it works and they're heavy and rad. I suppose there are a whole assload of bands with a similar sound these days but alas, I don't listen to this sort of hardcore so fuck that shit Total Abuse kills. Art by William Boone, his stuff is real cool. LP comes with a zine which always rules (always= if the zine rules). OK later homies 999

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