Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crow 'The Beating of the Wings of Destruction' EP, 1998/2010 Crow Records/Prank Records

To celebrate how much this band is the truest form of 'the tits,' here is an EP of theirs from 12 years ago, repressed again in 2007, and now again but this time on a picture disc. Limited every time, it was recorded prior to the melonsmashing Bloody Tear LP, so unless you are a total markus you already know that this thing is a murderer. How come these guys can destroy shit so totally? So confusing to think about. Anyways the first side is a 7 minute proof of how they are the nastiest and most beat you to death guild masters ever, the second is four songs including a version of 'Last Chaos,' which they have been playing for like twenty years and oppressive always. This band is so rad. Thanks for the shirt Bitey! I try and treat it like I would a tuxedo/the golden fleece. How hard would you flip your shit and jump out the window, if when the Japan team comes out to play in the World Cup, they had the Crow horned skull stitched into their kit. Holy Fuck thats the type of stuff that would go down if I ruled the world.

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