Sunday, June 20, 2010


World Burns To Death/Slang 7" 2010, Strait Up Records/Prank Records

So this is a tour 7" from Texas d-beat rippers World Burns To Death, and the Sapporo hardcore total slayers Slang. It is a rad 7" and each band brings what you would expect. The real reason is that we saw them play the other night at the warehouse and it strait ruled! Seeing Japanese hardcore happen is wicked; watching WBTD was wicked also. The 7" is rad. How come Japanese dudes sound insane and harder than whoever else? However it works out Slang killed it the other night and tomorrow night when Bastard Noise plays that is going to slay too. Plus its the solstice so the day will stretch longer than ever other day in the year. Bim! And right now I'm chilling at home with a certified killer from the army and that shit is weirding me out- whoa.

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