Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hells bells and also a huge YO to all, I've skipped mad weeks. Anyways there is a huge tidal wave of totally slaying records out these days, all kinds of stuff. Where do I begin because its like that. New killer records and surge and always come out in the fall. And since our homies are in NYC right now for living or for visiting, I'll review some stupid retarded LPs from there. Wu Tang!

Unearthly Trance ' V' LP 2010, Relapse Records

The new Unearthly Trance LP strait up slays shit. It crushes and smashes like a building collapsing on your head. The thing lurches and weirds out and most thoroughly is bonesmashingly heavy. Nothing generic at all only majestic sludge/doom at its most wrecking. Very creative and haunting and slooooow, and the sonics produced for maximum damage. It takes you there dude. These guys are from NY and have been around for long enough to have this be their 5th record duh its called V. Maybe if Pissed Jeans and Burning Witch dudes somehow got together? This is a great record, artwork by Glyn Smyth (UK) and the dude Sanford Parker engineered it and he makes wicked records as well. You should totally listen to this, it rules.

Defeatist 'Sixth Extinction' LP 2010, Willowtip Records

NYC grind that grinds real nasty and tech and stomps ass. Somebody wrote they are the best grind band in NY right now and so I had to check it. Sure enough it slays with the very sharp searing hot mess razor guitar sound, pummeling drums. It sounds a bit like the Magrudergrind and Kill the Client LPs from last summer (those so ruled) and this one is right up there. Heavy Napalm Death sound but still a modern grind approach, some of the dudes from Anodyne who I never really cared for but this is wicked. This is their second full length, the other one Sharp Blade Sinks Deep Into Dull Minds(2009) was also bangin'.

Other points of interest a.k.a. For the Tru Homies Section:

---This shit rules. Somebody hit me up if you want to try out any of these, I'm down to try too, I love going to the OG spot that time forgot, a.k.a. RadioShack and to make one of these .

Last weekend on Blood Mountain, I experienced a rare sighting of the elusive North American Forest Ninja and was able to capture said creature with a photograph.

I drew this take on the classic Subhumans LP for a thing that Dennis Dread was holding last week. Thanks a lot for the support my fambily! Made me feel extra huge gangster like.'s very own sorceress SIXTYTHREEBEARS is in Philly for the National Zine Convention today. Her record/comics label MOONTRASH has a booth set up. How fucking rad is that!? We salute you babygirl for keeping that shit extra trill! x o

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